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Blockchain Network

Adopt Geth Clique for blockchain infrastructure to configure public PoA network.

By dividing the node into three types, a public network that can participate even if it is not Authorities is constructed. Corridors keeps stability by shutting down the members network in case malicious member nodes make the network unreliable.


Content-NFT records content rights, contracts, transfer information, etc. as electronic information on the blockchain. This program aims to transfer or license the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the target content in accordance with the Civil Code, Intellectual Property Law and other legal frameworks.

Smart contracts are written by Solidity.

Content Protection

We are promoting the development of a mechanism to permanently store video, images, and audio that are not suitable for storage on the blockchain.

Sanpō Token


Token for content business. The token with a basic design different from the token implemented in the blockchain that focuses on financial services was born. That is the Sanpō Token.

Sanpō Token

General blockchain

Service Fee

Usage fees for applications and content services

GAS (Transaction Fee)

Network usage fees paid to blockchain node operators


User deposits tokens to enable application functionality provided on the blockchain


Mechanism for contributing to the maintenance of the blockchain and earning rewards

Providing file storage

Get rewarded for providing file storage

Token Specification

Token Name 

Sanpō Token

Ticker code 


Issue ceiling


Minimum Unit




Test Net/Main Net Launch 

Content-NFT Publication of reference implementations

Sanpō Blockchain explorer  

Reference implementation of a simple version of Content-NFT

Sanpō Validator DAO Operation Start  

Sanpo Token Development 


Sanpō Token Launch

Sanpo Wallet Launch

Sanpō token exchange listing (overseas)


Sanpō Wallet DRM implementation

Sanpō token exchange listing (Japan)

Start using Sanpō token payment