Node Operation

Become a Pillar of Trust, Run Nodes and Secure the Network


When implementing Node operation, it is required to meet the following requirements for network stability.





Build a Geth node

Keep the Geth node up and running

24-hour monitoring of Geth node

Providing real-time information to the Authorities community when a Geth node fails

Investigation started within 3 hours after failure detection of Geth node.
Report the reason for failure to the Authorities community after investigation.

Start recovery work within 6 hours after starting the Geth node investigation

Implementation of security diagnosis (load test / DDoS simulation test) of server environment

WEB vulnerability diagnosis (use of OWASP / ZAP, etc.)

Geth node technical research and source code sharing to the open source community

Publishing node operator and organization name

Announce the Corridor IP Address to the public

Select a node management method

Choose whether you want to run the node yourself or outsource it to an agent.

Your Self

1. Applicant

2. Authority or Corridor


Any case

Access the agencies here below.

Node Operation Agencies

In our community, we introduce the vendors who will operate the nodes on your behalf.


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